Sunday , May 27 2018

Priyanka Chopra asks 6 Crore for 7 Minutes performance in Chennai

Priyanka Chopra, who has never performed at a December 31 event, has agreed to perform at a New Year’s Eve party in Chennai. The leggy lass has apparently demanded for Rs 6 crore to shake a leg.

The organisers of the event have been in talks with Priyanka for the past couple of weeks. They were eager to rope her in as she is popular among the youth.

So far she has not performed for a December 31 show, so it was a big deal to get her to say yes.

However, the actress asked for Rs 6 crore which they thought was too steep.

On the other hand, the organisers of the event feel that the amount is too high for a seven-minute gig.

Eventually however they were ready to pay as they felt they would recover the cost in tickets. The marketing team has already started the promotion for the event.

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