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Dehorokkhi – Bangle Movie Mp3 Songs Free Download


Dehorokkhi – Bangle Movie Mp3 Songs Album Free Download

Album info :
Name: Dehorokkhi
Artist: Nancy, Adit, Kona, Shoeb, Dola, Parvez
Music: Adit
Production: Fatman Films
Lyric: Sohel Arman, Abdar Rahman, Sudip Kumar
Director: Iftakar Chowdhury
Banner: G Series
Studio: Fatman Recording
Song Format : Mp3
Files: 07 [Original Tracks]
Bitrate : 320Kbps

Direct Download link of Dehorokkhi Movie Mp3 Songs

01. Sohana By Dola
Download Links: Hulkshare / Zippyshare

02. Bhalobashi Tomay By Nancy & Adit
Download Links: Hulkshare/ Zippyshare

03. Maane Naa Mon By Kona & Parvez
Download Links: Hulkshare/ Zippyshare

04. Torey Khuji (Soul) By Adit & Shoeb
Download Links: Hulkshare/ Zippyshare

05. Jaadu By Kona
Download Links: Hulkshare / Zippyshare

06. Torey Khuji By Adit & Shoeb
Download Links: Hulkshare / Zippyshare

07. Bhalobashi Tomay By Nancy & Shoeb
Download Links: Hulkshare / Zippyshare

Dehorokkhi Movie All song in a single file
Download Links: Hulkshare / Zippyshare

Wanna Download trailer of the movie? Click Here

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