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Kolkata Adhunik Song

List of the Kolkata Adhunik Banlga Song singer

Anjan Dutta

01. Best of Anjan Dutta

Srikanto Acharya

01. Best of Srikanto Acharya (2012)

Subhamita Banerjee

01. Brishti Paye Paye (2005)
02. Jodi Bandhu Hao (2007)
03. Meghe Ora Chithi (Puja Album-2011)
04. Moner Hodish (2006)
05. Ichhe Paari (2004)
06. Gopan Kathati (2006)
07. Chal Gaan Bhese (2009)
08. Arunobani (2010)

Upali Chattopadhyay

Rabiyana (2012) Upali Chattopadhyay

Indrani Sen
Ananda Dhara (2006) Indrani Sen

Phele Asha Din (2012) Amit Kumar

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